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Arcade1up Blitz Replacement Upgraded Marquee! Bundle Deal Option! Free Shipping!
  • Arcade1up Blitz Replacement Upgraded Marquee! Bundle Deal Option! Free Shipping!

    》19kFox Approved! Check out his install tutorial and review!


    As A1up evolves their cabs with more of an ergonomic Marquee design, Retro530 will now offer upgrades to help improve some of the A1up Marquee artwork that lacks Important original details and image washout.


    We wanted to continue to use the same art inserts graphic technique that we use in the regular fully enclosed Marquees. The colors are vibrant and the black levels are accurate!


    Here is information and installation techniques for each of the items.


    Marquee insert: This marquee is an upgrade swap out. If you haven't already built your cab it will be super easy as it slides into the frame when constructing your cab! If you have already built your cab, you will need to disassemble one side to remove the stock marquee to replace it for the upgrade!


    There will be 3 pieces with your order. 1 Blitz graphics, 1 front Plexi (remove film), and 1 thin Plexi (remove film) for the back, if you choose to use it. You can sandwich all 3 together or just use the front Plexi with the Blitz art. It’s entirely up to you. Laying the cab on its side, make sure the pieces slide into the bottom groove one at a time. The sides will form tight once you assemble them together. Once it’s standing up, you can make adjustments to the Plexi and art inside by loosening one side of the cab slightly and re-tighten. Enjoy! Not sure what to do with the leftover stock Blitz Marquee piece? Use the wall tab included to hang in your Arcade to decorate!


    LED Coin Door Kit: Measure 4 spots, then make 4 holes with a 3/8 drill bit. USB plugs into the PCB. This is a great tutorial video to follow.



    Screw Cap Covers: This one was a challenge to color match. I decided to use darker Navy Blue for most of the cab. The front and back of the riser use black caps. Most caps will install simply with a push of your thumb. A small rubber mallet (avoid finishing hammer) is recommended for cap covers that have more of a tight fit.


    Also see T2 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Marquee Upgrades!! 


    Thanks again for all the support!

      $37.00 Regular Price
      $33.30Sale Price
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