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Arcade1up Defender Partycade Cap Cover Kit!
  • Arcade1up Defender Partycade Cap Cover Kit!

    Transform the ugly screw holes into a clean look! You will receive 22 color coordinated Screw cover caps that will fit nicely with the new Arcade1up Defender Partycade!


    You will receive 22 screw cover caps! 10 for each side +2 extras!


    I also have screw cap covers for...

    • Star Wars Pinball

    • Marvel Pinball

    • AFM Pinball

    • SF2 Big Blue

    • 120 cap packs of assorted sizes and different colors Screw caps will come in Black, Yellow and Red!


    Most cap covers will install simple with a push of your thumb. A small rubber mallet (avoid finishing hammer) is recommended for cap covers that have more of a tight fit.


    They will be shipped securely in a first class standard envelope 👍

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