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Arcade1up Dragon's Lair Simple Mods! 3 to choose from!
  • Arcade1up Dragon's Lair Simple Mods! 3 to choose from!

    ***Due to demand... There might be slight delays with orders of these kits***


    These are DIY Mods... Mod at your own risk...


    Arcade1up's Dragon's Lair is a beautiful arcade! While there isn't much that needs changing.. here are 3 simple mods I wanted to offer based on my personal preference! Hope you like them 🤘


    》》Screw Cap Covers:《《

    Transform the ugly screw holes into a very clean look! The kit even includes 3 top caps for the Marquee!


    You will receive 46 screw cover caps! 26 for both sides and 20 for the riser!


    I also have screw cap covers for...

    • Star Wars Pinball

    • Marvel Pinball

    • Attack from Mars Pinball

    • Big Blue

    • Pong 4 Player Table


    Screw caps will come in matching Black as seen in the pictures! Most cap covers will install simply with a push of your thumb. A small rubber mallet (avoid finishing hammer) is recommended for cap covers that have more of a tight fit.


    》》Led lights for molded coin door:《《


    This is a great upgrade mod for your coin door to give it that authentic Arcade look!


    Each LED kit (as seen in the pictures) will come complete with 2 led lights tied to a custom USB power harness. The power harness is custom designed to tap into the top USB port and will turn on/off with your cab!


    Check out the new install video from PoppArtstudios


    Twisted Chris from Twisted Gaming TV made a great install and review video! Check it out


    **No coin doors or Arcade included**


    Installation is simple but will require drilling 2 holes with a 3/8 drill bit in the kickplate behind the coin doors.


    》》Marquee led upgrade kit:《《


    I noticed the Marquee was too dim for my personal preference like SF Big Blue. I created this simple mod to brighten it up a little! I find it provides better light distribution while also making the colors pop! I created a simple led kit mod that comes with a splitter and adapters to connect to the stock marquee. It powers on with everything and looks great!


    Kit includes:

    • High Density LED strip with 3m adhesive

    • Y Splitter

    • 2 adapters for plug-in play compatibility


    Installation is easy as you can follow the pictures for reference 👍 Top 3 screws on the marquee need to be removed as well as adjusting the top side panel screws to take the top off the marquee.


    Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these mods!

    Thanks 🙏











    They will be shipped securely in a first-class standard envelope 👍

      $9.00 Regular Price
      $8.10Sale Price
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