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Arcade1up Replacement Killer Instinct Marquee!! Plus KI2 and BattleToads!!
  • Arcade1up Replacement Killer Instinct Marquee!! Plus KI2 and BattleToads!!

    Arguably one of the best fighting arcade games in the 90s is now available for your home in 2022!


    Arcade1up has done it and done their best work to date bringing Killer Instinct to your home Arcade! While there is much excitement about the overall look of the cab... The stock marquee lacks some important details and visual quality...


    Luckily Twisted Gaming TV put this KI Marquee to the test! It fits perfectly and looks incredible! Thanks to Twisted Chris for making a video and showing off the highlights!


    This Replacement Killer Instinct Marquee will capture the same look as you remembered in the Arcades!


    Each KI Marquee order will come with the following:

    • Fully framed 3d printed enclosed marquee case

    • High-quality KI arcade artwork

    • High-density LED's

    • 1/8" thick acrylic plexiglass

    • 12v Splitter with PCB adapter

    • Bolts/Screws for installing sides (Do not use original A1UP Screws)

    • Printed Install Instructions

    • Free Gift 🤘


    Black is the standard color frame. Other colors vary and some colors like Red, Blue have a glow effect!


    The ultimate Combo option includes 2 Blue Joystick Battops and a full cap cover kit!  


    Light-up LED Coin slot kit as seen in the picture can be found here!


    Shipping is free and Marquee will be packaged securely in a 19x6x4 box.


    Please message me if you have any questions!


    We appreciate your ongoing support and hope you enjoy all our Home Arcade products! -RETRO530 》


    NOTE: As with all 3D printed objects there's always a chance for very slight imperfections and slight color differences in the material from the process. We make sure to minimize these imperfections as much as possible. With our high-quality filaments and top-end FDM machines, we do our very best to make these as perfect as possible.


    Marquee 3d print design by Ian Newman. Commercially used by permission.

      $72.00 Regular Price
      $69.00Sale Price
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