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Custom LED kit for non lit Marquee! Free Shipping 👍
  • Custom LED kit for non lit Marquee! Free Shipping 👍

    This custom LED setup was created to provide optimal high-density lighting for new the base model arcade1ups without a lit Marquee.


    Typically Walmart stocks lower-priced Arcade1ups without a lit Marquee and riser. Luckily, the newer cabs (as seen in the listing pictures) have a translucent Marquee insert but just missing the led lighting part. I designed a LED holder that clips into the top of the speaker covers. This lifts the lighting perfectly giving optimal lighting for the Marquee art. The 12v LED bar plugs directly into the top of the PCB and will turn on/off with the cab. Installation only takes a few minutes.


    You will receive the following with each kit:

    - 1 High-Density 12v LED Bar (16") 

    - 2 Custom clips for mounting on top of speaker covers.  

    - 1 power adapter for PCB


    ***No Arcades, marquee inserts, speakers, or speaker mounts part "M" are included***  


    Each kit will be carefully wrapped in shipped in an 18"x2" Tube. 


      $26.00 Regular Price
      $23.40Sale Price
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